EAGLE simulations visualisation

This is an initial selection of movies derived from simulations run during the EAGLE development programme. More movies will follow as the project evolves, and movies from EAGLE and other projects can also be found on Durham University’s EAGLE site, and on Rob Crain’s Vimeo page. Those having trouble viewing the movies with Quicktime on Macs may wish to try installing the Perian codec plugin.

Movie 01

EAGLE simulation of a 25Mpc periodic volume simulation. Colour encodes temperature.

Movie 02

Zoom-in of a disc galaxy within the EAGLE volume. Colour encodes temperature (left) and metallicity (right).

Movie 03

Movie zooms in & out between large scale structure to the gas and stars in an evolving disc galaxy.

Movie 04

Rotation around a galaxy processed with a mock SED and visualised as a 3-filter (SDSS u,g,r-bands) composite image.

Some key images from the project are available below.

Virgo Consortium EAGLE poster

Zooming into an EAGLE galaxy
(Fig.1 of Schaye et al. 2014)

Hubble sequence of EAGLE galaxies
(Fig.2 of Schaye et al. 2014)

iPhone app
The EAGLE team has developed an app for the iPhone, called “Cosmic Universe” that enables the user to explore one of the simulations. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store here.