The EAGLE simulations

The EAGLE project is a campaign of large-scale hydrodynamical simulations of the Lambda-Cold Dark Matter universe, run by the Virgo Consortium. The largest of the EAGLE simulations contains 6.8 billion particles and required many months of computing time on some of the world’s largest supercomputers. The chief aim of the project is to examine the formation of galaxies and their co-evolution with their gaseous environments.

One major improvement is the treatment of feedback from massive stars and accreting black holes, which allows winds to develop naturally without predetermined speed or mass loading factors. The efficiency of the feedback processes is calibrated to the observed present-day galaxy stellar mass function, the relation between galaxy and central black hole mass, and takes into account the observed size of galaxies. EAGLE reproduces these and many other observations with an accuracy that is unprecedented for hydrodynamical simulations.

The EAGLE project was made possible by the support of the following organisations:

Leiden University Durham University Virgo ERC